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Twaweza’s analysis on The Access to Information Act

There is no single killer clause. However, in combination, they represent a series of obstacles that make things difficult for those requesting information, and indeed for those in government who are minded to release information.

Turning numbers into stories | an award for data journalism

Twaweza has partnered with the Media Council of Tanzania to insert a data journalism award category into the prestigious Excellence in Journalism in Tanzania awards.

Twaweza's input on regulations for implementation of the Media Services Act

Twaweza has submitted suggestions for the Regulations for implementation of the Media Services Act.

Media Service Bill Analysis: Undermining President Magufuli's fight on corruption

Aidan Eyakuze, looking at the year that President Magufuli has been in office, explains how the media services bill will make it difficult for his one major tool to fight corruption, the media, to operate in full force.

Media Service Bill Analysis: A step backwards for free and independent media

Aidan Eyakuze refers to the quote by Thomas Jefferson in analysing the media services bill. "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."

The Media Services Bill: help or hinderance?

As the Parliamentary Committee for Social Welfare and Social Services debates and improves the proposed Media Services Bill, Twaweza has published some analysis of the bill.

Sauti za Wananchi monthly series | Democracy, dictatorship and demonstrations

Sauti za Wananchi presents the most recently available nationally representative data on democracy, dictatorship and demonstrations in Tanzania.
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