This section contains all publications produced by Twaweza. It also includes some produced by our partners. To access the publication click on the download link below each title. To access a summary click on 'read more'. Many of these are pdfs of hard copy materials or powerpoint presentations so check file size before you download.

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Booklets to the people?

Increasing citizen’s access to relevant and useful information is one of Twaweza’s core objectives. But do people receive and engage with the information we provide?

Has Twaweza improved the quality of media?

For four years, Twaweza has been working with two media houses to create public interest content. But how does the content produced through these partnerships rate in terms of quality? Does it fulfill the criteria for good journalism? Does it feature citizens' voices and provide context and perspective for stories? We worked with the Tanzania Media Fund to find out.

Towards the Referendum: Tanzanians’ views on the proposed draft of the constitution

As the deadline to hold a referendum on the proposed constitution draws near, citizens’ views are largely split. Just over half of citizens (52%) say they would vote For the proposed draft.

Three presidents debate learning outcomes

Three East African presidents take a closer look at the education systems in their country.

What did we learn about learning?

Following five years of implementing our annual learning assessments, Uwezo at Twaweza have created a short film looking at successes and challenges, and the wider implications for the links between citizen agency and service delivery.

The power of informal video halls

Twaweza sought to distribute video content through video distributors and video halls (informal cinemas) in Uganda through Home Needs Network. This monitoring brief presents data on whether these video halls were reached through this partnership.

Guardians of Accountability: Citizen knowledge and opinions regarding oversight bodies

Seven out of ten citizens (69%) see the type of corruption uncovered in the Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) annual report as a loss of their (the people’s) money. Sauti za Wananchi presents the most recent national data on citizen perceptions of financial oversight bodies.
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