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Twaweza works to enable children to learn, citizens to engage and governments to be more open and responsive to citizen needs in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. One of the initiative undertaken at Twaweza to support effective public and policy engagement is Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of Citizens). 

You are invited to submit a tender for conducting Twaweza’s mobile phone panel the Sauti za Wananchi Uganda in accordance with this tender documentation. Tender documents need to be delivered in the form specified herein by 17:00 hrs on 18 April 2017. Twaweza reserves the right to reject any and all tenders.

Twaweza’s Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of the Citizens) is Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey. The initiative uses mobile phones to regularly collect information from a broad cross-section of Tanzanian citizens. This data is then released publicly and to the media, both in its raw form and via a series of high-visibility policy briefs. Scarcity of data is a challenge across the continent and Sauti za Wananchi aims to address this gap and collect survey data quickly and efficiently at low cost. It is the first of its kind in Africa.

Sauti za Wananchi has two phases: the first consists of a standard household survey with face-to-face interviews. A representative sample of 2,000 respondents from all over the country is randomly selected. During the baseline roll-out, mobile phones and solar chargers are distributed to respondents. This ensures a representative sample that is not biased by previous mobile phone ownership (something that typically skews towards the wealthy). In the second phase, respondents are interviewed once or twice a month using their new phones. 

Twaweza is looking for a competent and reputable organization which can implement the following activities related to Sauti za Wananchi in Uganda.

Task 1: Undertake a field-based baseline survey for the baseline sample of 2,000 households in enumeration areas (EAs) sampled by Twaweza. 

Task 2: Run call rounds for the first Sauti za Wananchi sample of 2,000 households, at least 450 (teachers; head teacher included; sample depend on the baseline sample. max 600) and 200 citizen monitors for an initial duration of 5 months (excluding “preliminaries” rounds) in 2017 year and thereafter annually, renewable after relevant discussion and agreement between the parties at the end of each calendar year for the duration of the sample life (expected to be 2-3 years).  

You should have any questions for clarification: Contact copy,,  by 11 of April 2017

Read the full Term of Reference here.

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