Singing for a change

Twaweza is working on a new partnership with Buzz Media in Uganda. Recognising the powerful potential of music in bringing about social change and inspiration through entertainment, this partnership represents a new experiment for Twaweza. Working with some of Uganda’s leading artists via Buzz Media, Twaweza conducted a group session on our values and ideals. Through this process, artists who were passionate about the vision signed up to create a series of songs with music videos on the theme of citizens making a difference in their own lives. The artists will also act as ambassadors for the message, giving interviews and promoting their work with Twaweza to their audiences.

This is the first attempt to partner with leading musicians in East Africa and we look forward to seeing the results. Although monitoring the effects of songs individually is a challenging task, and is often part of the reason why it is difficult to justify these types of activities, we will be looking more holistically at our work in promoting citizen agency messages. The songs, their videos and artist activity will be one piece of a larger puzzle that aims to embed the idea that ‘it’s us’ (Ni Sisi) in the popular consciousness of Ugandans.

Although the videos are still in production, the songs are all complete and we wanted to share them as early as possible. We will also be posting the videos here soon. What do you think? Send us your feedback to

Jackie Chandiru - education

MUN G, T Bro and Akello – citizen agency

OS, Michael Ross and Rehema - water

Bebe Cool - health

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