Ni Sisi inspires music videos

Sometimes images really are worth a thousand words. In trying to explain and promote the idea of Ni Sisi, which we at Twaweza believe is ultimately irresistable, sometimes we find ourselves stuck. For us it’s clear and compelling, we need to wake up and take responsibility for where we find ourselves. But translating that into practical reality for a range of audiences can sometimes leave people looking puzzled.

And so it was when we met with the producers from Buzz Media about the music videos that we were working on together. All of our gesticulating and efforts to explain this core concept did not seem to be making a strong impression. We weren’t sure what was going to come out of the process.

But then we showed them the public service announcements (PSAs) from the Ni Sisi campaign. And the room changed. Some were deeply moved, everyone was touched in some way, relating these incidents to their lives and the things they had personally experienced. And we breathed a sigh of relief and waited to see what would come.

So now the videos are complete and we are extremely excited to share them. We have also included links to the Ni Sisi PSAs so you can see how inspired the artists and producers were by these stories of change.

Education - Jackie Chandiru

Fenna wamu tusobola - MUN G, T-BRO and Akello

Obuvunanyizibwa - Bebe Cool

Twefeeko - Michael Ros O S Rema

Ni Sisi PSAs


Read more about the partnership with Buzz Media that lead to these videos and the songs themselves.

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