I am a teacher | 2014 Calendar

Twaweza has published a calendar for 2014 focusing on education. The idea behind the calendar is to motivate teachers by reminding them about the importance of their work and the line of excellence they follow. We have tried to do this by referencing quotes and photos from Tanzania’s founding President, Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Nyerere is known across the country as ‘Mwalimu’ which means teacher in Kiswahili. He was a teacher and took great pride in this work, placed huge emphasis on the importance of education for development and the vital role of teachers in society.

Through reference to one of the most popular figures in Tanzania, even today, we hope to inspire teachers to re-engage with their commitment to support Tanzania’s development.

We were able to source photos of Nyerere that are housed in an archive, many of which are no longer accessible to the public. The messages on the calendar are as follows:
Teaching is nurturing.
Learning never ends.
Teaching is playing.
Teaching is humility.

The calendars were produced in partnership with the Tanzania Teachers’ Union and have been distributed to every teacher in the country through the union.

Alongside copies of the calendar, every teacher will receive a pledge card asking them to express a commitment to the ideals shown in the calendar in terms of their own position. We are also offering a small prize for the 200 best ideas that come from these cards.

Through the cards and targeted follow up, we will also be able to understand teachers’ responses to the messages and their thoughts about their professions. Iniitial, anecdotal feedback has been positive.

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