Call for proposals: Undertake a consultancy on qualitative sauti za wananchi (szw) in Kenya.

Twaweza means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. Twaweza works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Our flagship programs include Uwezo, Africa’s largest annual citizen assessment to assess children’s learning levels, and Sauti za Wananchi (SzW), Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey. We undertake effective public and policy engagement, through powerful media partnerships and global leadership of initiatives such as the Open Government Partnership.

Twaweza’s main governance program in Kenya has been through the Sauti za Wananchi (Citizens’ views) initiative. Since 2015, Twaweza’s Sauti za Wananchi is Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone panel survey in Africa has collected data on citizens’ voices on various topics such as drought and food availability, people’s opinions about governance, the quality of public service delivery, or citizens’ ability to exercise agency. Sauti za Wananchi was commissioned to bridge gaps in existing data land scape.

Since it is crucial that citizens and policy makers’ dialogue effectively, Sauti za Wananchi by combining the statistical rigor and national representativeness of traditional, field-based surveys is expected to provide flexibility and frequency of a highly adaptable mobile phone platform where citizens can be included in public discourse and share about important issues of the day.


This assignment will pilot sub-national level qualitative SzW in 4 counties of Kilifi, Makueni, Elgeyo Marakwet and Vihiga as part of the Twaweza broader strategy to redesign and improve our SzW initiative by gathering qualitative data that complements our quantitative SzW data. This also provides more detail on what explains SzW the findings.


The assignment will be highly qualitative and will be done through review of relevant documents, semi-structured interviews with key informants, focus group discussions and opportunistically collect observational data while in the field if and when events of importance to our work will be happening. We will organize separate focus group discussions for women and men and young and elders. This will allow us understand and compare gender and age specific citizens’ views, experiences and recommendations.

Specific tasks and outputs:

  • Develop a comprehensive study design, including a theoretical grounding and definition of concepts; a follow-up; sampling procedures and sample size. The plan will be reviewed and approved by Twaweza.
  • Develop a detailed work plan and timeline to carry out the qualitative research activities, and a related budget.
  • Develop and pre-test tools for data collection
  • Carry out the research plan within the timeline provided, and provide a comprehensive field report.
  • Transcribe and analyze the data using modern analytical methods; all transcripts, lists of codes, analysis plans shared with Twaweza


The contract will start 15th October 2019 to 30th December 2019. Twaweza desires consultancies that should not exceed 60 working days that will include preparation, data analysis, aggregation and documentation of the final report.


  1. At minimum, the CONSULTANCY must possess the following:
  2. Demonstrable social science research experience.
  3. A proven track record of relevant qualitative research experience 3. Proven experience with rigorous qualitative research analysis
  4. Proven excellent synthesis skills of large qualitative datasets, and proven excellent
  5. Good understanding of citizen agency and public policy advocacy environment in Kenya.
  6. Having a relevant Phd degree is an added advantage.
  7. Proven excellent synthesis skills of large datasets, and proven excellent.
  8. Permitted /licensed to undertake research in Kenya

Please submit an expression of interest not more than 10 pages (double spacing) together with a CV and proposed budget to and cc to  with “PROPOSAL TO CONDUCT QUALITATIVE SzW IN KENYA 2019” in the subject line not later than Friday 11 October 2019.

For more details read the full term of reference here

Read more: call for proposals



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