Call for Proposals | Evaluating animation work in Tanzania

Twaweza East Africa is a registered non-governmental organizations operating in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Twaweza derives its name from a Swahili word which means “we can make it happen.” Our vision is that we believe in an open society, built on the human impulse to make a difference; where information and ideas flow, citizens engage and authorities are accountable to the people.

Twaweza, like many other actors around the world, has been learning, experimenting, and innovating various approaches aimed at promoting active citizenry and responsive authorities. Our past successes and failures give us important lessons to inform the design of our work as articulated in our new Strategic Plan (2019-2022). For instance, to effectively galvanize citizen agency, we have realized that we need to spend much more time in the villages and working along with communities on issues that are most relevant to them, there and then. 

We have been collaborating with Tamasha in implementing the animation approach in Kigoma Ujiji and Mbogwe for the aims of promoting meaningful citizen participation in local governance processes. This work essentially involves training animators (one young man and one young woman per ward) who will then conduct the PAR in their home villages in the ward. Through this process, young men, young women, older men and older women are brought into 'focus groups' to discuss their issues and reflect critically on priority areas. These are then shared and an action plans developed to address the burning issues, and this is also shared with local leadership. The trained animators along with other generally selected representatives then follow up on these action plans on behalf of the village and then report back to the village meeting in the presence of village leadership and community about progress made.


As a learning organization that aims to contribute in addressing complex problems, we strive to ensure that our work is adequately informed and builds on past experiences: our own experience as well as experience of others. Therefore, the overall aim of this evaluation exercise is to analyse whether and how the application of the animation approach makes citizens become active agents in determining their well-being.


  • At least five year experience in conducting mixed methods participatory action research and evaluation exercises
  • Strong social science research and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Kiswahili languages: writing, reading, speaking and listening
  • Minimum Master’s level education. PhD in relevant fields is an added advantage
  • Knowledgeable and respect for professional and research ethics


Successful proposals will be those that are well written, demonstrating clear understanding of the assignment, possession of technical skills summarized above, presenting detailed and clear articulation of evaluation approaches and methods, reasonable budget and expedient timeline (maximum 2 months). 


This Call for Proposals and other relevant materials can be accessed on the Twaweza website Please submit a technical and financial proposal not more than 15 pages titled “Evaluation of Animation work in Mbogwe and Kigoma Ujiji in Tanzania” together with relevant CVs to  and cc not later than 5:00PM, Friday, March 6th, 2020.

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