Call for Proposals to undertake a Consultancy on evaluation of the effectiveness of the URN/ Twaweza partnership in Uganda

Twaweza means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. Twaweza works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Our flagship programs include Uwezo, Africa’s largest annual citizen assessment to assess children’s learning levels, and Sauti za Wananchi (SzW), Africa’s first nationally representative mobile phone survey. We undertake effective public and policy engagement, through powerful media partnerships and global leadership of initiatives such as the Open Government Partnership.

This year, Twaweza will conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of Uganda Radio Network in informing Ugandan citizens on issues important to their everyday lives as well as providing avenues through which their voices could be expressed and heard. URN is a leading independent news agency that collects and distributes information that feeds on the discussion for Radio and print media at both national and sub national level.

Since 2011, we have partnered with URN to strategically serve as a distribution system to open up discourse on Twaweza data to increase interaction and accountability between citizens and their representatives. The Evaluation will involve and focus on URN itself, the "client" radio stations, and listeners, to establish whether the long term objectives of the partnership have been met. The evaluation scope will take into account URN products and initiatives including the national perspective magazine, website, mentorship efforts, partner radio station recruitment and support, and the established news bureaus.

Twaweza commissioned URN to;

  1. Collect, generate, and publish sixteen (16) news stories covering Twaweza content and programs: Sauti za Wananchi (twelve - 12), Uwezo (two - 2) and What works in Education (two - 2)
  2. Proactively distribute/promote the news stories to a minimum of fifty (50) partner radio stations and provide evidence of their use by at least ten per cent (10%) of these radio stations.
  3. Produce four (4) nationally relevant radio programs for distribution to a minimum of fifty (50) radio stations. Topics shall be decided in collaboration with Twaweza. Provide evidence of their use by at least ten per cent (10%) of these radios.
  4. Promote all Twaweza launch events, sixteen (16) news stories, four (4) public dialogues and four (4) National Perspectives programs on Facebook and Twitter for a total of a minimum of one hundred (100) posts.

The URN Evaluation will be undertaken using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and techniques. Qualitative data will be generated through a combination of participatory techniques such as key informant interviews and desk review. Interview guides outlining questions per theme will be developed and used during collection of qualitative data. Quantitative data will be obtained through surveys on citizens, news editors drawn from the key target districts of Moyo, and Kabale . Twaweza will engage with URN to hold listening groups on past content and then facilitate discussions that will inform insights from ordinary citizens.

The Consultant will be required to use a competent team to ensure competitive desk reviews, data collection (Creating Rapport, Questionnaire design, pre-testing, interviewing and probing techniques). Data should be analysed and full triangulation should be done.


The objective of this consultancy is to propose and implement a study design that will allow Twaweza to document the effectiveness of the URN model, whether the model has served the purpose of the contract to build capacity and provide better information for local radios. The evaluation will seek to answers or confirmation of whether,

  1. URN as a source of high quality news,
  2. Objectivity of the news,
  3. How URN news appeal to listeners
  4. How Twaweza’s engagement with URN has supported achievement of the partnership objectives.

The findings of this evaluation will generate lessons and experiences on what has worked or not worked, including the enabling and disabling factors. The evaluation should provide a set of recommendations that inform Twaweza on the next steps. The findings will also inform the adoption of the URN model across the countries

Specific tasks and outputs:

  1. Develop a comprehensive study design, including a theoretical grounding and definition of concepts; a follow-up; sampling procedures and sample size. Consider the feasibility of comparison locations. The plan will be reviewed and approved by Twaweza.
  2. Develop a detailed work plan and timeline to carry out the evaluation research activities, and a related budget.
  3. Develop and pre-test tools for data collection
  4. Carry out the research plan within the timeline provided, and provide a comprehensive field report
  5. Transcribe and analyze the data using modern analytical methods; all transcripts, lists of codes, analysis plans shared with Twaweza


The contract will start 15th October 2019 to 15th December 2019. The Project desires consultancies that should not exceed 45 working days that will include preparation, data analysis, aggregation and documentation of the final report. Field data collection should be planned no later than 30th October 2019. Full report expected no later than 30th November 2019.


  1. At minimum the CONSULTANCY must possess the following:
  2. Demonstrable social science research experience.
  3. Experience with the media landscape in Uganda.
  4. Experience in conducting program and portfolio reviews.
  5. Advanced proficiency in evaluation of theory of change.
  6. Demonstrable experience with rigorous research analysis.
  7. Good understanding of citizen agency and public policy advocacy environment in Uganda.
  8. Proven excellent synthesis skills of large datasets, and proven excellent.
  9. Permitted /licensed to undertake research in Uganda.

Please submit an expression of interest not more than 15 pages together with a CV and proposed budget to and cc to with “PROPOSAL ON EVALUATION OF URN EFFECTIVENESS IN UGANDA 2019” in the subject line not later than Friday 4 th October 2019 25th September 2019.

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