Celebrate Twaweza!

On 8 January, Twaweza organized a special event to celebrate our first five years, mark the departure of our Founder and Head for five years, Rakesh Rajani and to welcome our new Executive Director, Aidan Eyakuze.

The day was divided into a series of discussion sessions in the early afternoon followed by a reception and some remarks from key friends of Twaweza in the evening.

There were four discussion sessions in total. Each one was structured around a problem in Twaweza’s domains of open government and education. For each of the problems, Twaweza presented a bold idea to combat this problem. Comments were then invited from panelists and the floor.

These idea sessions were:

Panel 1: How can we help children in school learn real skills?
Idea: A cash on delivery or performance pay system for teachers whereby they receive a bonus or incentive payment for every one of their students who attains the required skills. This would be verified by an independently administered test and would be open to both public and private schools.

Presenter: Joseph Mmbando, Twaweza
Professor Marjorie Mbilinyi, former Executive Director, Tanzania Gender Networking Program
Professor Martha Qorro, University of Dar es Salaam
Moderator: Jenerali Ulimwengu

Panel 2: How can the media be fairer and evidence based?
Idea: A fellowship program that embeds software developers with data visualization skills and data analysts in newsrooms combined with an annual endowment prize of TZS 1 billion for the media house that demonstrates the most evidence-based journalism.

Presenter: Aidan Eyakuze, Society for International Development
Erick Kabendera, freelance journalist
Kajubi Mukajanga, Media Council of Tanzania
Raziah Mwawanga, Tanzania Media Fund
Moderator: Maria Sarungi

Panel 3: How can we reduce wastage and corruption of public resources?
Idea: Open contracting for government and civil society.

Presenter: Elvis Mushi, Twaweza
Yona Killagane, former Managing Director, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
Ludovick Utouh, former Comptroller and Auditor General
Moderator: Jenerali Ulimwengu

Panel 4: How can young people’s interests be taken seriously by people in power?
Idea: Instead of greeting elders with shikamoo we all say shikamano to each other as a mode of greeting.

Presenter: Joseph Mmbando, Twaweza
Zitto Kabwe, MP – Kigoma North
Paul Mashauri, East African Speakers’ Bureau
Moderator: Maria Sarungi

The event took place in the former Parliament of Tanzania, Karimjee Hall, and was attended by a range of stakeholders and well-wishers from government, media, the private sector and the development community.

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