Consultancy | Synthesize curriculum analysis for Primary science in Uganda

Under its’ “What Works in Education” program, Twaweza East Africa has for the last three years been conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of the primary education curriculum in Uganda.

Using the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) approach, we descriptively analyzed the content that is embedded in the primary curriculum syllabus documents and recent Primary Leaving Examinations (PLEs). We also piloted a survey of teachers’ instructional content and practices, involving teachers from Wakiso and Iganga districts. Finally, we conducted alignment analyses to establish the extent to which the content reflected in the syllabus documents matches what is delivered in the classroom and examined at the end of the seven-year primary cycle.

We are now at a point where we need to synthesize the insights gained from the above analyses of the intended, taught and assessed curricula. Accordingly, Twaweza seeks to engage a suitable consultant to undertake this work of synthesizing the above evidence for Primary-level integrated science in Uganda. 

 Overall Objective of the consultancy

To synthesize findings from Twaweza’s SEC analyses, and thereby generate, document and share relevant policy proposals for improving the effectiveness of the primary-level integrated science curriculum in Uganda.

 Specific Task(s) for the consultancy

The consultant will review with a view to integrate the SEC analysis findings, and generate new policy-rich evidence for improving curriculum effectiveness and guiding future reforms. To achieve this, the following tasks will be carried out;

  1. Review and critique the available SEC and other analysis evidence on primary-level integrated science curriculum effectiveness1 in Uganda.
  2. Reflecting on content progression, alignment and some cross-cutting aspects, develop evidence-informed narratives for improving curriculum effectiveness and future policy reforms.
  3. Deriving from your experience and expertise in Uganda’s primary science context conduct relevant integration and synthesis of the SEC outputs, reports and narratives.
  4. Write an easy-to-read evidence-informed policy paper on the primary-level integrated science curriculum in Uganda.
  5. Prepare and present the policy paper at fora organized by Twaweza.


This assignment will be undertaken starting in April and be completed by 31st May 2019.


The successful consultant is a university graduate, a science specialist who possesses the relevant technical expertise and experience in relation to Uganda’s primary science curriculum. They will also be required to demonstrate a clear understanding of this assignment and share samples of their previously written work. Previous experience of teaching integrated science at primary level will constitute an added advantage.

The successful consultant clearly understands Uganda’s education sector, with a special affinity to curriculum issues.

To apply, submit a brief proposal of not more than five pages (include both the technical and financial aspects) strictly by email to and copy to

Read the full Terms of Reference here. 

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