Can your child read and count? Paper presented to Conference of the Centre for the Study of African Economics, Oxford

Twaweza's Research and Uwazi Manager, Youdi Schipper, presented a paper to the March 2014 conference of the Centre for the Studies of African Economies, University of Oxford, UK. The paper, written by Sam Jones of the University of Copenhagen, Youdi Schipper, Sara Ruto of Uwezo and Twaweza's Rakesh Rajani, provides the first comprehensive description of the Uwezo East Africa Learning Assessment Survey data. 


The last 15 years have seen major changes to education systems in East Africa. Superficially, there is much to commend. Net primary enrolment rates have risen to over 90% alongside significant improvements in gender equity. Nonetheless, there are growing concerns that better access is not adding up to more learning. 

This paper introduces unique test score data collected by Twaweza's Uwezo initiative for over 600,000 children across East Africa, including children enrolled and not enrolled in school. Using these data we provide evidence showing that many children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda remain functionally illiterate or innumerate, despite having completed multiple years of school.

The presentation is attached below.

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