Dar citizens give their views on governance and electricity


Following a report by Tanzania's Controller and Auditor General on the embezzlement of government funds early in 2012, six ministers were removed from their posts. Round 14 of the Listening to Dar survey asked 324 citizens their views. Almost seven in 10 citizens surveyed felt that the government responded adequately in dismissing the ministers. The survey also found that opposition MPs receive higher levels of trust than ruling party MPs do. Nearly six in 10 respondents said they would vote against their current MP if there was an election that day.

As work progresses towards the constitutional review in Tanzania, citizens were asked their views on how much power the President and Bunge (parliament) should have. Approximately 56 percent of respondents said that the President should have less power and 41 percent believe the Bunge should have more power under the new Constitution. 

In regards to electricity, according to Dar Citizens, services have increased considerably over the past year, and citizens are experiencing fewer power cuts and for shorter durations. And yet, satisfaction with how the government handles the provision of reliable electricity has declined steadily in the past two years.

Read the full report in English and Swahili. The Listening to Dar survey was setup by Twaweza and is now managed by the World Bank. By the end of this year Twaweza expects to roll out mobile phone based survey nationwide across Tanzania. 

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