Dar es Salaam on a 'knife-edge' with growth


Dar es Salaam is growing exponentially. The population has doubled in the past 15 years to approximately four million today, ranking Dar es Salaam as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. BBC News Magazine reports that for the first time, a master plan to deal with this growth and its impact on the city’s infrastructure will be released by the end of the year.

Twaweza Head and Dar es Salaam resident Rakesh Rajani told BBC that he’s concerned with how authorities are dealing with the growth. He views the influx of people into the country’s major centre as an opportunity, ‘to harness the talents of the people and create a great city.’ Yet, these newcomers must deal with poor treatment and petty rules. Consequently, Dar es Salaam is on a ‘knife-edge’, and should people's aspirations be continually frustrated the country could witness violence on the scale seen in post-election Kenya in 2007.

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