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Uwezo, meaning “capability’’ in Kiswahili, is a citizen-led East African initiative to improve competencies in literacy and numeracy among children aged 6-16 years. The initiative operates under Twaweza East Africa, which works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

In implementing the Uwezo initiative, Twaweza undertakes a simple household based assessment that measures actual learning abilities in basic literacy and numeracy in order to focus public attention and galvanize action towards learning.

Uwezo at Twaweza is now seeking to acquire Data Management Services for its 2017 pilot assessment. The pilot aims to assess the effectiveness of education interventions in refugee settlements in translating into learning outcomes and adaptability of the Uwezo methodology and tools to crisis-contexts such as refugee settlements.

Objective and scope

The overall purpose of this assignment is to support Uwezo Uganda in entering and managing its 2017 refugee pilot assessment data.

Specific activities

  1. Screen, recruit, supervise and pay suitably qualified data entry clerks
  2. Using the availed data entry and reentry software and accompanying manual, ensure data entry and re-entry is conducted as per agreed standards.
  3. Ensure data is backed up and uploaded/transferred on a daily basis
  4. Undertake data cleaning as may be agreed upon

The successful consultant/firm should have the following:

  1. Expertise in data management of 5 years including database development, electronic archiving, use of web-enabled platforms and common statistical analysis tools.
  2. Network or collaborations with nationally recognised statistical bodies.
  3. At least 4 computers available for data entry.
  4. All data entry computers residing on a common network

Request for proposals

Qualified and interested firms/consultants should submit brief proposals (technical and financial -5 pages max) by e-mail to  and copy to; and not later than 4 pm on Wednesday 4th October 2017.

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