#DemokrasiaYetu | an open discussion on civic space in Tanzania

Although conversation alone is not enough to bring change, it can create shared understandings and common ground. Bringing together groups of people who have limited opportunity to engage with each other can help to seed new ideas.

With this in mind, Twaweza is convening DemoKrasia Yetu – an open dialogue on democracy and civic space in Tanzania. Differing perspectives will be deliberately brought together to challenge each other and try to create more cohesion. The event will also serve as a celebration of democratic spaces and freedoms in Tanzania including performances, an exhibition of artwork, theatre and more. 

The event includes three-panel discussions and performances or exhibits from different artists.

Opening Up | How can we close the gap between the strong commitment to transparency and inclusion shown by the government, particularly through the anti-corruption agenda, and the prevailing reality of a culture of secrecy, propaganda and politics?

Acting Together | How can we move the relationships between people and authorities from confrontational to more collaborative exchanges?

Free Exchange | Is there fear of a free exchange of ideas and information among some government officials? Does this fear subvert our freedom?

Join us:

Date: 29 November 2017

Place: Karimjee Hall

Time: 8:45am - 4:30pm


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