Fix education mess, donors tell Government

The Citizen newspaper in Tanzania reports that donors have challenged the Government to focus on improving the quality of education. The newspaper quotes Mr. Robert Orr, the Canadian High Commissioner to Tanzania, during a joint education sector review session in Dar es Salaam, saying that it was not sufficient to allocate teachers and text books to schools. It was equally important to ensure teachers are actually in classrooms and motivated. 

Between 2007 and 2010 the number of students passing Form Four examinations has dropped from 35.6% to 11%. The Government is currently carrying out a rapid assessment to establish the reason behind this massive decrease in the 2010 examination results. Through partner initiatives, Uwazi publications and popular publications, Twaweza has been advocating for the use of learning outcomes to measure success in education, as opposed to showcasing increase in enrollments to primary and secondary school.

In the current fiscal year the Education Development Partners’ Group has contributed to 12 per cent of the Government’s education sector budget. Read more.

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