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Budget transparency in East Africa is low by international standards and citizen engagement in the budget process constrained. Uwazi Budget Portal provides a facility to access and engage with budget information and emerging issues in public resource management. By providing a gateway to this information this portal hopes to facilitate better and informed citizen engagement with policy makers.

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Kenya Budget Dashboard Launched

Twaweza East Africa launched the Kenya Budget Dashboard on June 18, 2012 in Nairobi. The launch brought together actors from the media, government agencies, civil society and other non-state actors with an interest in budgets and public finance. The online Dashboard allows citizens to follow their tax money by seeing how the government allocates public funds.

Follow Your Money: Kenya Budget Visualisation Dashboard

The Kenya Budget Visualisation Dashboard from Uwazi is now up. The site allows citizens to view how public funds were spent by financial year from 2002 to 2011, and within each county of the country.

Follow Your Money: Tanzania Budget Visualisation Dashboard

Uwazi has developed the Tanzania Budget Explorer, which will be updated every year, to make information about the way the Treasury allocates taxpayers money more accessible: transparent, easy to understand and exciting to follow.

Audit queries on spending not addressed by districts

Many districts in Tanzania fail to account for the money they spend. As a consequence they receive queries from the Auditor General. The 2009/10 report of the Auditor General shows that 122 billion shilling is implied in outstanding audit queries, the highest amount in five years. Only five districts had no outstanding audit queries.

Budget document tracker

International best practice in budget transparency recommends that countries publish eight (8) key budget documents at various stages in the annual budget cycle. But how many of these does Tanzania issue in the course of the budget cycle?

Audit queries on spending not addressed by Central Government

Accountable governance of public resources means less audit queries that are not resolved. Many Central Government agencies however fail in this area.
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6 Articles
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