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Coping with Coronavirus?

Archive 6 Aug 2020 | Health

This brief reports that most citizens (85%) report that their household has faced lost income or other financial constraints due to the Coronavirus. Citizens have also been affected by increased food prices (28%) and reduced interaction with friends (23%).

Uganda: Health Check

Archive 10 Jul 2019 | Health

This brief reports that three out of ten Ugandans have experienced an accident or injury in the past six months, either personally (4%) or through a friend (12%) or household member (16%). Among these, half (53%) were related to boda-bodas and 25% are related to the road more generally.

Tanzania: Health Check

Archive 30 Aug 2017 | Health

Tanzanians views on challenges in the health sector. Despite these improvements, citizens continue to experience major challenges in accessing health services. Three out of ten citizens who accompanied someone to the hospital in the past year (29%) found two or more patients sharing beds or mattresses.

Signs of recovery?

Archive 9 Aug 2016 hot | Health

Comparing citizen reports from 2015 and 2016, services appear to have improved in the health sector with less doctor absenteeism, cleaner facilities and better treatment from health facility staff.

Protecting the rights of everyone

Archive 3 Nov 2014 hot | Health

Almost half of citizens (46%) report to have witnessed discrimination in employment against people with disabilities. At the same time only two out of ten (17%) know of any organisations that give preferential treatment in terms of employing people with disabilities. Among these, citizens reported that 38% are governmental institutions.

Do health facilities work for people?

Archive 5 May 2014 hot | Health

Only 1 out of 20 (6%) people over the age of sixty years and 1 out of 5 (18%) children under five years receive free treatment and care at health facilities. Policy states that outpatient services for these two groups are free but citizens report that they are still being charged. Twaweza releases new findings about health facilities.

Stock out or in stock?

Archive 19 Sep 2013 hot | Health

Two out of three families in Tanzania report that one family member was ill in the last month. Although initial advice and treatment may be sought at a drug store, most of these patients will eventually look for treatment at a health facility. Can patients get the medicines they require at these facilities? How often are stock outs reported? This brief reports new findings on these and other questions on access to medicines in Tanzania, presenting the most recent data on this topic available from health facilities and patients.

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7 Articles
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