Musings from our immersion

In May 2013, the Twaweza East Africa team did a week long immersion in Central Kenya in three different districts alongside our partners from the Uwezo network. We came back with stories and anecdotes and a renewed sense of energy about our work as well as a host of lessons. We were able to see the five networks at work in people's lives and learn about new networks for us to consider working with. We challenged our assumptions and confirmed some hunches.

While no single summary or report can do justice to the wealth and depth of experience that comes from immersion, we have tried to draw together some observations, insights and lessons as well as considering how these might impact on our work. Individually there is no doubt that the immersion experience is a constant frame of reference for us, and collectively, as we review and consider our future strategy, our observations from the immersion will certainly come into play.

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Authors: Varja Lipovsek



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