Making headlines in 2015

Throughout the year, Twaweza invest significant amounts of time into media engagement. The idea is that media can help to amplify the voices of citizens, and Twaweza's other research and evidence so that it reaches policy actors and key individuals in different sectors. At the same time mass media is a useful tool for raising awareness among the general public.

In all three countries, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, we aim to keep track of this coverage and review it. The idea is to see whether these investments deliver.

At the end of each year we also review all the unpaid media coverage we received and summarise key emerging insights.

Highlights include:

  • Twaweza had overall a strong media presence in 2015, with a total of 664 unique pieces of media coverage. Our media presence continues to be stronger in Tanzania as compared to Kenya and Uganda.
  • The most popular Twaweza citations in Tanzania are the Sauti za Wananchi monthly policy brief launches, followed by Uwezo reports. In Kenya and Uganda, most coverage is related to the  Uwezo learning assessment and results.
  • In Tanzania and Uganda, most coverage is found in printed media, while in Kenya most coverage is via radio and television.


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