Twaweza in the news: Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3 Act, 2019

Twaweza worked with other civil society organisations to analyse, review and comment on the proposed amendments to the Miscellaneous Amendments. Amendments No. 3 Act, 2019. Together, we presented our views on the amendments to the Parliamentary Committee for Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Aiming at raising awareness among other fellow civil society organisations, media and the general public, we had a press conference on 22 June and invited a number of media and other stakeholders to present our statement and views on the amendments.

This gained coverage from the media, as below:

Most media reported the fact that Twaweza, with other civil society organisations are challenging the fact that the amendments are under certicate of urgency and will restrict rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and freedom of association.

This press conference was organised by:

  1. Centre for Strategic Litigation
  2. Change Tanzania
  3. JamiiForums
  4. HakiElimu
  5. Legal and Human Rights Centre
  6. Policy Forum
  7. Save the Children
  8. Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition
  9. Tanzania Women Lawyers Association
  10. TIBA
  11. Twaweza

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