Twaweza In the news | Inequalities in education

On February 27, Twaweza held an open discussion on Inequalities in the education sector in Tanzania by presenting the Uwezo data showing the visible inequalities in the sector. 

These inequalities are visible across generations; three out of four children (74%) whose mothers have secondary education or higher, passed all three tests compared to 46% of children whose mothers have no formal education.

A number of stakeholders and media houses were invited to this discussion and it spurred wide debate and coverage in the Tanzanian media.

On the evening of the launch, news regarding the research brief was aired via news bulletin on Azam2 TV. Radio stations that covered the discussion were, Times FM and Kiss FM. Print media included; The Citizen, Mwnanchi, Uhuru and Mtanzania.

Mtanzania covered the fact that the discussion uncovered a number of things that haven't been known before in the sector, for example, the fact that only 12% of schools in Geita provide clean and safe water while in Kilimanjaro, close to 8 out of 10 schools (78%) do.

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