What does Kenya make of health?

According to the Kenyan Constitution (Article 43, Section1) every citizen has the right to the highest attainable standards of health. To assess the perceived quality of health service provision, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS) and the Ministry of Medical Services (MoMS) carried out a Customer and Employee Satisfaction Survey (CESS) in 2009. One of the objectives of the survey was to measure customer satisfaction at different levels of the health care system so as to inform health sector professionals and support them to improve service delivery.

The CESS survey was conducted in both public and faith-based facilities for all levels of health care (level two - dispensaries to level six - national referral health facilities). This brief uses data from CESS health facility exit interviews. The interviews are a source of information on customer experiences at 2018 health facilities, both public (85 percent) and faith-based (15 percent). This brief presents five findings on customer satisfaction with health services in Kenya from the CESS Survey of 2009.

Key findings include the following:

  • Kenyans consider proximity and quality of service when deciding which health facility to visit.
  • For every five patients who received prescriptions for medicine only three received the medicine (63 percent) - usually because the medicine was not available.
  • Non-adherence to health service charter guidelines on cost of service is common.

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Authors: Youdi Schipper



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