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Teacher Allocation and Absenteeism in East Africa

We need to figure out what it will take to get teachers to come to school every day and teach well so that we do not waste children’s time and dash their aspirations.

Teacher Incentives in Public Schools: Do they improve learning in Tanzania?

The evaluation finds that both teacher performance pay systems improved student test scores.

KiuFunzaII: teacher performance pay improves early-grade learning outcomes

After a two year trial, Twaweza, in collaboration with COSTECH and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), has shown that cash on delivery (or performance pay) for teachers can significantly improve learning outcomes.

Simbachawene: teacher motivation matters

“You can pay a teacher 10 million shillings as their salary and they will tell you straight away why it is not enough money. But when you give that same teacher one hundred thousand as a reward for their performance, you will inspire them to do more and better."

Teacher incentive program helps over 48,000 students to improve in Kiswahili and Mathematics

Twaweza is rewarding 788 Standard I, II, and III subject teachers and 135 head teachers for the 2016 test performance

Incentives can help put the creativity back into teaching

When properly motivated teachers can use their creativity to help children learn, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Primary teachers earn over 200 million shillings in performance-based bonuses

For teachers, performance-based pay communicates a clear signal that learning is the ultimate objective of schooling.
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