Maternal health in Dar es Salaam

Round 13 of the Listening to Dar survey focused on health, and in particular on maternal health.

The survey spoke to 116 women in Dar es Salaam who were either pregnant or had been in the previous two years. All women reported receiving antenatal care during their pregnancy, most from a public health facility. The World Health Organization recommends that women receive antenatal care at least four times during pregnancy; 71.7 percent of women said they had received this.

Ninety-eight percent of the women reported having slept under a mosquito net while pregnant and 85 percent said that they had taken anti-malaria medication. Yet, only half took it two times, the recommended dose for it to be effective.

One in four respondents said that they had been forced to pay a bribe at some point in their pregnancy for services that were supposed to be free.

Read the full report here. The Dar survey was setup by Twaweza and is now managed by the World Bank. By the end of this Twaweza expects to roll out mobile phone based survey nationwide across Tanzania. 

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