Making All Voices Count | Seeking Fund Manager

Making All Voices Count (MAVC): A Grand Challenge for Development is a new fund to support innovation, scaling-up and research in the use of technology to support open government and citizen engagement. MAVC will focus global attention on innovative solutions and uses of technology that amplify the voices of citizens and enable governments to listen and respond effectively, with the goal of creating more effective democratic governance and accountability.

MAVC is inspired by and supports the goals of the Open Government Partnership. The Open Government Partnership ( is a new multilateral initiative aimed at securing firm commitments from participating governments against four principles: 

  1. Transparency
  2. Civic participation
  3. Anti-corruption
  4. Using technology and innovation to make government more open, effective, and accountable

MAVC brings together the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), US Agency for International Development (USAID), Omidyar Network (ON) and other funders to create a fund in the region of US$30-35 million. Twaweza has provided input in the development of the idea.

MAVC is currently seeking a Fund Manager to identify and support work in four areas to exploit mobile, web, and new technologies in support of citizen engagement and government responsiveness:

  1. Backing innovative ideas and technology solutions
  2. Building an evidence base on what works and why
  3. Scaling up successful initiatives and responses
  4. Catalyzing global attention and action around these issues

MAVC will concentrate its efforts in emerging democracies, where delivering to citizens is at a particular premium, with an expected focus at municipal and subnational levels, where citizens interact most with government.

As the lead donor and contracting authority, DFID intends to engage a Fund Manager (FM) to implement MAVC under the strategic direction of the funding partners. The Fund Manager will create opportunities or local organisations to compete for funding to create, implement and scale solutions that will help meet these goals.

To promote this procurement opportunity, an informational webinar is taking place on Wednesday 10 October at 8am EST.  At the webinar, basic information about Making All Voices Count will be presented. To participate, there are just three easy steps:

  1. Click here:
  2. Click on "guest"
  3. Agree to terms
  4. You will then be linked to webinar

Expressions of interest on behalf of consortia wishing to bid for the position of fund manager of MAVC are welcome. All documentation related to this tender is available through the DFID suppliers portal. The deadline for expressions of interest (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires) is 05 November 2012, 1400 (2pm), only via the DFID portal.

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