Monitoring Brief: Monitoring Tazama and XYZ TV shows in Kenya

Tazama and XYZ are Kenyan Television shows supported by Twaweza. Tazama focuses on current affairs, mixing investigative pieces, with documentaries, stories of change and debates while XYZ is a weekly program that aims to stimulate public imagination and debate using well researched information, but delivered in a unique style – through the use of puppetry. As XYZ provides Kenyans a platform to think and talk about politics, ethnicity and Kenyan history, Tazama journeys across different parts of Kenya to capture the diverse struggles and aspirations of ordinary Kenyan citizens

This report provides a picture on how successful both shows have been in reaching ordinary Kenyans and the role they have played in informing their viewers. Data suggest that both shows appeal to a younger and higher educated audiences.  While 11% of Kenyans have ever watched Tazama show  and 24% have watched XYZ show, the top reasons given for watching the shows related to increasing one’s knowledge and awareness of current topics  as well as the use of comics in bringing topics that are not addressed in other television shows. To find out more, read the attached monitoring brief.

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Authors: Ruth Carlitz



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