What do Tanzanians know and think about Twaweza?

At Twaweza, we undertake targeted policy engagement and mass public engagement through powerful media partnerships, as we promote the idea of “it is us the citizens” who can bring about change in our country. In 2015, an election year in Tanzania, we implemented a series of high-profile media initiatives, including the Mkikimkiki political party debates in the campaign period, as well as a representative opinion poll on voters’ preferences for political parties and candidates.

As in previous years, we also launched the results of the national learning assessment, Uwezo. We know that our information gets considerable coverage in the media, and is one of the influencing factors in policy dialogue. In 2015 particularly, the election poll received very wide coverage – but while the media noise can seem very loud in urban areas, we wondered how much do ordinary citizens know about us, the campaigns that we implement, and what do they think of them? 

Twaweza East Africa commissioned Ipsos Tanzania in 2015 to gather feedback on a number of issues of programmatic relevance, through a nationally representative “omnibus” survey. 

To find out more, read the attached monitoring brief 

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Authors: Varja Lipovsek



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