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Sauti za Wananchi’s research brief, Capitation Grant in Primary Education: A decade since their launch, does money reach schools? generated wide coverage in the Tanzanian print media.

The Citizen featured a detailed report on its second page. The optimistically titled article, "Money spent on pupils rises’ did not fail to note that “regardless of the improvement in the amount paid this year, it remains clear that schools do not get the money on time neither do they receive it in the amounts intended, thus adversely impacting on the provision of quality education in the country.”

Government owned Daily News echoed the Head of Twaweza’s call for transparency in the disbursement of capitation funds. "The key issue is transparency; the government should ensure transparency prevails at all levels so the grants reach the intended people (schools)," – Rakesh Rajani.

The Guardian repeatedly quoted the statistical findings of the survey  in hopes of emphasizing the fact that many of the goals set by the Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP) in 2002 have still not been met fully. The paper also mentioned the recent debate on last year’s form four results, an issue covered by the previous Sauti za Wananchi brief that also recieved a lot of press after Twaweza Head, Rakesh Rajani, left the Commission started by Hon. Mizengo Pinda to investigate the appalling failure of the education system in Tanzania.

The Guardian showed how deeply these two issues were related by stating, “The recent results for secondary school children completing Form Four have created national debate on the quality of education in Tanzania. The capitation grant, first introduced through the Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP) in 2002, was designed to improve basic quality.”

A significant number of TV and radio stations attended the launch although the coverage is not currently available online. These included East Africa TV, Upendo FM, Wapo Radio, Tumaini TV and Radio, and TV Sibuka, as well as Twaweza partners Star TV and Mlimani TV.

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