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Sauti za Wananchi recently launched nationally representative data, including Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, on people’s views on the second draft of the constitution. The brief, titled What do people really think of the constitution?, was launched at an event at the National Museum on Wednesday 23 April, just prior to the adjournment of the Constituent Assembly.

Speaking at the event were Judge Joseph Warioba, Chair of the Constitutional  Review Commission, Dr Hamisi Kigwangalla, MP of Nzega Constituency, and Mr Julius Mtatiro, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Civic United Front on the Mainland and a leader of the opposition alliance UKAWA.

The topic and the timing created a perfect storm of media and stakeholder interest in the event and the data and subsequent discussions made the front pages of almost all major newspapers.

The Citizen highlighted Judge Warioba’s advice to the Constituent Assembly to heed the needs of minority groups. The Citizen’s sister paper, Mwananchi, lead with Judge Warioba’s seven key questions for members of the Constituent Assembly to consider during their process of review. Mwananchi also followed up with a three page special that highlighted the data from the Twaweza policy brief.

The launch was also covered in news on Star TV and ITV. Radio stations that covered the launch include East Africa Radio, during the morning show, Radio One during the news and Times FM. BBC Swahili also presented an in-depth program on the constitution, comparing the process in Tanzania and Kenya which featured extensive coverage of the data and the event. These clips will be available on our You Tube channel in the coming days.

Most of the coverage focused on Judge Warioba’s emphatic warnings that the current rancorous and polarised debate would have unintended and unwanted consequences including The Guardian, sister paper Nipashe, Majira, Mtanzania, Rai and Tanzania Daima. The Citizen on Sunday also followed up with a story on the findings, focusing on national calls for greater accountability as well as widespread support for a new structure for the Union between the Mainland and Zanzibar.

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