The status of our healthcare sector: A citizen diagnosis

State House recently hosted a health summit to update Kenyans on the progress of health related projects by the national government. Four years ago, the national government set an ambitious plan to improve health care management nationally to ensure that all counties are equipped with basic diagnostic equipment such as CT Scans and X-ray machines. To coincide with this event, Twaweza East Africa has released new data on citizens’ access to and views of health services.

A new public opinion poll (Sauti za Wananchi) by Twaweza East Africa shows that almost all Kenyans think the health sector has problems. According to the survey, half (47%) say it has major problems and the other half (45%) say the problems are minor.  Cost and availability of drugs are mentioned by citizens as significant challenges.

The survey also shows that the last time they were ill or injured, 74% of Kenyans sought treatment from a government health facility. 16% went to a Private/NGO health facility, 8% to a pharmacy, and 4% to a Church/Mission health facility.

        Which of the following do you think best               
        describes the Kenyan healthcare system?


Where do you get most of your health related information?


                                 How satisfied are you with the following at your main health facility?
                                                             % saying satisfied and very satisfied


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