ShujaazFM wins One World Media Award

ShujaazFM, Kenya’s interactive multimedia project and Twaweza partner, has scooped the 2011 One World Media Special Award, honoring ‘the most outstanding media coverage of the developing world. ’ Its success to inspire millions of young Kenyans surpassed all expectations. Rob Burnet, the founder, did research and gathered creative artists to form a team with the aim to produce 2 million comic books. At the ceremony in London on May 10, he said, that in less than two years, Shujaaz FM distributed 5 million copies of its popular comic book.

Earlier, the KenyaVibe blog reported that the ShujaazFM comic book has become the largest print publication in Kenya, with 600,000 copies distributed every month. The show is syndicated on 20 local radios and has thousands of fans interacting on Facebook and Twitter. Fans also engage with actors through SMS. Youth get an opportunity to speak out, interact and find information that matters to them. The characters on the show inspire them to take action to improve their lives. Topics include income generating ideas and how to stay out of trouble. On ShujaazFM the line between the imagined world in the comic book and the real world becomes blurred.

News about the award is also available on indigotrust and oneworld media. Watch the event's video on Youtube

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