Students Say: Teachers absent from school too often

Round 10 results from the Listening to Dar es Salaam project (formerly known as the Dar es Salaam Mobile Phone Public Services Monitoring Survey) have just been released, and this time it was school children who answered the questions. A random selection of participants were called as normal and asked if they could hand their mobiles to their school-aged children to gather information on the state of education in the city.

The focus of the survey was on teacher absenteeism. The absenteeism rate was relatively low among public primary school teachers, with students reporting that one of nine teachers were absent on the day before the survey. In secondary schools however, absenteeism was at a ‘crisis level’. Only 20 percent of public secondary school students reported that their English teacher was present for each of the last five classes. Even when teachers were present, it did not guarantee that they taught the class.

Read the full report in English and Kiswahili here. Initial work on this survey was done by Twaweza and is now managed by the World Bank.

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