Tanzanian’s views on Twaweza and its products

At Twaweza, we undertake mass policy and public engagement through media partnerships, targeting policy actors with this public pressure and encouraging citizens to be active in following up on their own welfare. We aim to enable children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive to society. During 2017 in particular, we were engaged in Open Government partnership (OGP) activities including supporting the sub-national OGP in Kigoma Ujiji, we started a radio and TV show known as Njoo Tuongee, our usual Sauti za Wananchi survey and the Uwezo annual learning assessment. Our aim is to spark public discussions within communities and the nation in general in order to influence openness, participation and accountability for both citizens and policy makers. It is therefore in our interest to understand how well Twaweza and our activities are known and understood by Tanzanian citizens. 


Twaweza East Africa commissioned Ipsos Tanzania to gather feedback on a number of issues of programmatic relevance, through a nationally representative “omnibus” survey. Conducted through randomly selected quantitative face-to-face interviews with respondents 18 years and above, the survey uses a structured questionnaire. A sample size of 1,993 interviews is determined with an error margin of +-2% at 95% confidence interval. This sample was distributed proportionately based on the estimated population size and is representative of both rural and urban areas as well as allowing male and female stratification.

Key Findings

  1. One out of four Tanzanians (27%) have heard of Twaweza, and most of them understand what Twaweza does
  2. Uwezo is recalled by one out of ten Tanzanians
  3. Three out of ten Tanzanians has heard of Sauti za Wananchi
  4. 1 in 6 Tanzanians has heard of the Njoo Tuongee show.
  5. General data literacy among Tanzanians is low
  6. The OGP initiative is not well known among Tanzanians

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