TEDxDar and paradoxes of development

TEDx Dar, organised by a group of young Tanzanians in late May, is an independently organised event that spins off from TED, the global "community" loosely organised around "ideas worth spreading in technology, entertainment and design". The event pulled together a group of exciting, young innovators in Tanzania. Twaweza's Head, Rakesh Rajani, talked about where the impetus for change comes from, drawing from his own experiences in doing a situation analysis for the formation of Twaweza, as well as on a field trip/immersion undertaken by Twaweza staff in 2009. The field trip/immersion idea has been debated quite widely in the blogosphere over the past few weeks, with lively postings from Owen Barder, Swahili Street, Elsie Eyakuze and others. Follow the discussion and read more about Twaweza's experiences in nine villages in Tanzania in our learning section on this website.

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