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Twaweza means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. Twaweza is as a citizen-centered initiative with the aim of large scale changes in East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda). Our vision is that we believe in an open society, built on the human impulse to make a difference; where information and ideas flow, citizens engage and authorities are accountable to the people. We have 3 missions, 1.To demonstrate how citizens can come together to collectively address their systemic development problems, and make government work better for them, 2. To enable citizens’ voices, interests and experiences to be heard and taken seriously in decision-making across multiple governance levels, 3. To promote and protect open civic space which enables citizens to freely assemble or organize, speak and act. We hope to engage the public and policy makers to amplify the national conversation on issues around civic space, freedom of information, and government accountability. We work closely with various media houses to ensure that citizen’s voices are heard and our data and stories reach the targeted audience. 

Objective and scope;

The overall purpose of this assignment is to capture the editorial (print, broadcast) and online stories (Facebook, twitter and blogs) for Twaweza as per provided list of Keywords. For the past years, we have tracked our presence in the media by keeping the media log that records mentions of Twaweza or citations of our data, etc. In addition, we have also been keeping tabs on the conversations around the general education, Change agents, Citizen Agency, Civic space, Amplification of citizen voices and governance themes especially the topics that are of interest to us.

This year, media monitoring will target monitoring of corporate coverage (Twaweza citations) and governance issues in print, radio, television and online. In terms of scope, we will where possible also monitor media at the sub-national level (district) as well as gather insights on the form and content of the engagements happening as a result of our initiatives and activities but also the governance scope. The subnational radios should include those that are within our geographical areas of focus such as Geita, Pangani and Mbogwe. Therefore Twaweza seeks to identify and contract a competent company to execute media monitoring for the period March 2020-January 2021.

Expected quality & scope of service;

  • Competitive technology for capturing and recording the stories, with extremely low rates of missing coverage/stories.
  • Wide coverage of the media platforms (Print, TV & Radio) at the national and sub-national level; and online (Facebook, twitter and blogs) at the global level.
  • A standby/reliable contact person to assist in case of any issue that might require assistance and/or need to be addressed.
  • Ability to do back tracking for at least 6 months at any one time when requested.
  • Ability to cover both national and sub-national media houses so as to gather insights at that level, form and content of the engagement happening as a result of our initiatives and activities but also governance as a whole.


Qualified and interested consultants are invited to submit their applications latest by 28th/02/2020. Application materials comprise of: 1. Company profile 2.Technical Proposal 3.Financial Proposal. All applications should be submitted via electronic mail to and copied to and

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