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We believe in an open society, built on the human impulse to make a difference; where information and ideas flow, citizens engage and authorities are accountable to the people.

Twaweza is seeking an experienced video production team to produce a short film on the FixMy Community radio show. The film seeks to inspire audiences to, in their various capacities, push for or enable establishment of similar programs in different areas.

About FixMyCommunity

FixMyCommunity is a local radio show run by TransNile Broadcasting in Moyo District. It is a daily show that runs on Monday to Friday for one and half hours, giving listeners an opportunity to share issues in their respective communities and leaders a chance to respond to citizens’ concerns, a lively radio talk-show that began in 2010.

The topic for each episode is selected based on the call INS to the talk shows. On average each of the talk shows gets ten (10) call INS and each lasts more than five minutes to express what makes them sad or happy in the provision of social services and any other government programs.

Originally known as the stress factor, the show has allowed citizens’ to freely share their views and leaders of the district respond to the issues raised. This has most recently seen the road works by Uganda National Roads Authority from Moyo town to Laropi kick off, a gambling group that had camped in Moyo town sent off, the staff and patient relationships have improved in Metu Health Center III. 

Over the years the Fix my Community show gained the local leaders attention because of the persistent and recurrent phone calls on issues of concern, the issues raised were potentially great risks and of life threatening impacts on populations, aligned to the District Development Plans, and demonstrated the capacity of the communities to mobilize themselves for social actions. 

Scope of Work & Technical Requirements

We welcome creative ideas and suggestions for innovative delivery of the message. But since many of the successes of the program happened in the past, we do not want the film to consist of talking heads only. Thus we propose animated (targeted at adults) re-enactments of the successes of the program. See visual references.

The documentary is to be motivational, with interviews from local communities, local leaders and Twaweza. 

The film will be produced in English, and in the highest quality standards.

Visual References

Communications at the Heart of Change 

The Story of Electricity

How Change Happens

Action with Animation


1. Minimum of three (3) years’ documented work experience in the area of film/reportage/documentary writing, producing, directing and editing; experience in creating high quality adult-facing animations

2. Access to highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment. 

3. Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism; 

4. Ability to communicate and conduct interviews in English. 

5. Track record of successful materials filmed in the region and/or on similar topics would be an asset. 

To apply

Prospective applicants should submit a short proposal (no more than three (3) pages, no need for inserting text directly from these terms of reference) including a detailed budget (an additional 2 pages) and three samples of relevant work to, by 5 May 2020.

Note: the budget should not include travel costs as these will be provided as per Twaweza’s policies. The proposal can include estimates for the cost of using the film-maker’s company vehicle to travel to, around and from Moyo (petrol, wear and tear) but Twaweza reserves the right to provide a hired car if this is more cost effective.

Click here to access terms of reference. 

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