Twaweza Strategy 2011-2014

Exposed to the ferment of information, ideas, stories of change and practical tools, citizens across East Africa are making things happen, holding governments to account and improving lives. Twaweza gets behind this movement to make it work even better, promoting information flows and public action, building on what works, trying out new ideas, and learning, documenting and sharing lessons.

The statement above captures Twaweza’s theory of change, or how we seek to make a difference. It has three interlinked components that also constitute our main goals; namely, to enable millions of people in East Africa to a) access practical information that can spur the imagination; b) be able to exercise greater agency i.e. be able to improve their situations and to hold governments to account, and c) use information and agency to access improved basic education, basic health, and clean water.

Read our updated strategy for 2011-2014, with information on our goals, program components, learning, monitoring and evaluation aspects, our governance structure and budget. The original Twaweza Strategy can be found here.

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Authors: Rakesh Rajani



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