Twaweza's Budget Explorer a 'powerful tool'

The Kenya Budget Explorer, an initiative of Uwazi at Twaweza, has been garnering praise since its launch in June 2012. In an article on the iHub blog, the Budget Explorer is called an ‘outstanding visualization of the government expenditure. What is more amazing about it is that the same data can be displayed in Kiswahili!’ At the first Open Data for Development Camp held in Kenya in late June, iHub says that the Budget Explorer was one of two applications that stood out. It is described as a powerful tool, demonstrating the ‘potential of open data; to keep us informed, engaged and actively participating in the affairs of our nation.’

Of the Twaweza Budget Explorer, Business Today says that with it ‘Kenyans will have a greater say in the management of public funds.’

In addition, a visualization from the Budget Explorer has been showcased on the homepage of the Kenya Open Data website, seen here. View the Kenya Budget Explorer here and the Tanzania Budget Explorer here

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