Uganda's Daily Monitor cites Uwezo

In an article published on 30 January, 2012, Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper writes about their initiative to combat poor numeracy and literacy among primary school pupils. Monitor Publications has been running the Newspapers in Education (NiE) programme in the country, a worldwide movement that strives to create a child-centered learning environment and make the classroom more stimulating through the use of newspapers.

The writer mentions that Uwezo, an East African initiative that aims to improve competencies in literacy and numeracy among children aged 6-16 years old in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda using an innovative approach to social change, has published reports that describe how school children are unable to make simple calculations or read basic sentences. Uwezo published learning outcome reports for Uganda in 2010 and 2011. The reports are published from countrywide survey results that reflect realities in education standards, testing capacities in numeracy and literacy among school children. Read more.

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