Twaweza at URA Taxpayers’ appreciation week

It was a time for Twaweza to interact with and hear from the public last week, as the organization participated in the third edition of the annual URA Taxpayers’ Appreciation Week. The three-day event held between Wednesday and Friday (25 and 27 September) at Kololo Independence Grounds was the climax of this year’s Taxpayers’ Appreciation Month, and Twaweza was invited as a model or compliant taxpayer.

Pitched in a tent in the zone allocated to civil society organizations, Twaweza chose to primarily use the opportunity to inform the public about citizens’ views and experiences on service delivery based on our Sauti za Wananchi briefs on water-sanitation-hydiene, poverty, financial inclusion, health as well as to hear from them about the views expressed in the surveys, and you could say it was a fruitful experience in which the organization realized its targets.

In the tent, Twaweza took visitors through the insights in the Sauti za Wananchi briefs and handed out scores of literature for further reading and engagement. The visitors to the Twaweza tent also had the opportunity to talk to the organization.

Several people who had never heard of Sauti za Wanainchi learnt of it in depth, and expressed intent to begin regularly making use of the Sauti za Wananchi data. Those who already knew of Sauti za Wananchi or had heard of it in the news, were glad to learn more about the platform. And for Twaweza, it was particularly welcome to learn of the public’s feelings and thoughts about the insights –as many visitors pointed out that they agree with them and were interested in inviting Twaweza to also spotlight some of the challenges they face in their communities.

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