Uwezo: Learning, not just enrollment.

Twaweza supports the Uwezo initiative, a ‘citizen movement based’ approach to assessing literacy and numeracy levels in East Africa, drawing on the ASER initiative in India. Uwezo is engaged in monitoring basic literacy and numeracy levels of children aged 5-16 years across at least 50% of the districts in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda through a household-based survey. The survey process and the findings aim to make parents, students, local communities and the public at large more aware of the actual levels of childrens' capabilities in reading, writing and arithmetic. Increased information, awareness and pressure is intended to inform wider public policy debates in the media and encourage governments to improve the quality of education by focusing more on learning outcomes.

Uwezo operates in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and is housed and managed by Twaweza. Twaweza works to provide practical information to everyone in order to foster what we call an “ecosystem of change” through building on, as well as triggering, the actions of citizens to make a difference, and by scaling up such actions through brokering and supporting partnerships. In each of the three East African Countries, Twaweza, using its extensive communications network, is working with Uwezo to communicate the results of the Annual Learning Assessment to millions of citizens. Uwezo’s country offices are situated in Nairobi (Kenya), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Kampala (Uganda) with overall oversight and monitoring provided by the Regional Office, situated in Nairobi (Kenya). The Country Coordinators in each of the three East African countries report to the Regional Manager of Uwezo, who in turn reports to the Head of Twaweza.

Please see the Uwezo website for updates. Read the full Uwezo 4 year program document

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