Are our children learning? Uwezo Kenya Report 2012

The third Uwezo Kenya annual report contains a wealth of information on children's learning levels in Kenya, alongside a range of details about the learning environment. The report also contains a report for every county in Kenya.

Five key facts about learning are presented here.

Read about Uwezo, the press coverage generated by the report and other information on the Uwezo website.

Nationally, only 3 out of 10 children in Class 3 can do Class 2 work.

11 out of 100 children in Class 8 cannot do simple Class 2 division. 7 out of 100 can neither read a simple English nor Kiswahili story.

1 out of 5 children in Classes 6 to 8 cannot tell the meaning of the colours on the Kenyan flag.

Boys lag behind girls in learning competencies. Only in the North Eastern Region do girls lag behind.

Sharp inequalities exist accross the counties. While the top five positions are dominated by counties in Central Region and Nairobi, the bottom five positions are taken by arid counties.

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