Is Uwezo succeeding in engaging the public?

Uwezo, the Learning Monitoring and Evaluation Unit in Twaweza with input from Uwezo's main donors have established a monitoring framework for Uwezo's activities.

The framework aims to gather evidence on two key questions:

Is there evidence that, at least in the short-term, Uwezo assessment has an effect on parents of assessed children, and on the communities in which the assessment takes place?

These effects are to be measured in terms of what parents know about their child’s learning levels, the messages around supporting/encouraging learning, and involvement in school; and in terms of the community dialogue on learning.

In other words, does the large effort of Uwezo testing contribute to change at household and community level?

Is there evidence that the communication of Uwezo results has had an influence on the national-level discussions on education and learning? Or, at the regional/district levels?

These effects can be measured in terms of use/citation of findings, discussions about priorities in education and therefore where/how to allocate funding, among others.

This will also assess the strength and focus of the Uwezo communications strategy itself. If effect is limited, it it because the strategy has not been implemented or because it is not effective.

Monitoring Framework

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