What we want to achieve

Real change takes time. We are not keen to just do easy activities and check implementation boxes. That is why the Twaweza initiative has a ten year time frame, with two goals. First, we seek to enhance ‘citizen agency,’ by which we mean the ability of men, women and young people to get better information more quickly, cheaply and reliably; monitor and discuss what’s going on; speak out; and act to make a difference. This is important for its own sake, because every person should feel a sense of empowerment or control over their own lives. It is also important because it contributes to our second goal, which is to enable many more people to enjoy quality basic education, health care and clean water. Work towards our goals is phased over a ten-year period, and will be carefully evaluated by an independent external unit.

Citizen Agency Outcomes

Over its first five years (2009-2013), Twaweza seeks to increase citizen access to information about services and entitlements, amplify opportunities for citizens to express their views in public and foster a culture in which citizens regularly monitor government, public resources and service delivery. We also aim to facilitate significant improvements in media quality and diversity across East Africa. Through these efforts we hope to see citizens gain a greater sense of their own ability to make change happen– this is what we call citizen agency.

Service Delivery Outcomes

As citizens become more aware, active and empowered, we believe they are better able to demand accountability and improved services. By 2018, Twaweza expects to see improved outcomes in basic education, health care and water. In education, we aim to see more teachers showing up to teach classes, more funds reaching schools and being used well, and more children being able to read and write well. Regarding water, Twaweza aims to increase access to clean water and reduce water insecurity and water-borne illnesses. In health, we aim to see more practitioners showing up to deliver care, greater availability of basic medicines and more DPTHb3 immunisation coverage, leading to a better sense of health. Get a concrete idea of what such change would look like on the ground.

Learning Outcomes

Twaweza is developing a culture of learning amongst its staff and, more widely, in its partnerships. We facilitate mentoring and coaching relationships to assist and encourage our partners as they reflect on and refine their work. An independent university-based entity has been contracted to evaluate our work over our first five years. We will study our initiatives closely, document lessons about what works and what doesn’t, generate a body of evidence and new knowledge and share our findings widely, adding value within and beyond Twaweza. 

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