Towards a national day for women and girls with disabilities in Tanzania

Globally, the National Day for People with Disabilities is celebrated in a number of countries and is a UN official 'day'. This day for women with disabilities has not been established in other countries although there does seem to have been some marking of such a day in India and in Tanzania in 2018. But this has not been systematic.

Researches show that women with disabilities face double the challenge, coping both with their disability and with social attitudes to gender. Women are more likely than men to have a disability, and women with a disability are more likely than those without a disability to suffer gender-based and sexual violence. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank, one out of five women (22%) in low income countries have some form of a disability, This is higher than for men (14%).

In light of this, Twaweza is supporting Ikupa Trust Fund to hold a stakeholders' meeting to discuss the proposed national day for women and girls with disabilities in Tanzania. 

The enactment of a national day will help draw attention to the specific challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities, and will provide spaces and platforms to hear their voices.

We urge you to support us to call on the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania to enact a National Day for women and girls with disabilities in Tanzania by signing a petition here.

Twaweza has compiled a data factsheet to provide an overview of the issues. Visit here for Engilish and here for Kiswahili. 



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