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Sauti za Wananchi

Sauti za Wananchi (Voices of Citizens) uses mobile phones to regularly collect information from a broad cross-section of Tanzanian and Kenyan citizens. The initiative allows survey data to be gathered quickly and efficiently, at low cost, to inform citizens of what's going on and to support policy-makers to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of citizens.

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Tanzania

Technical Paper | Methodology and Approach - Kenya

Surveys, the means by which policy makers and donors collect data on the effectiveness of interventions as well as the priorities of citizens, tend to be costly and time-consuming. They can often take as long as two years from concept to the data becoming available. Sauti za Wananchi aims to bridge this gap so that all interested parties can regularly access frequently updated data on citizens’ realities.

And while a number of these surveys are often restricted in scope and scale – from subject area to geographical inclusivity – Sauti za Wananchi aims to provide monthly data on a comprehensive range of topics for a representative sample of 2000 respondents from all regions of mainland Tanzania.

In order to ensure that the sample is representative of the entire country, mobiles phones and solar chargers will be distributed to participating households. Only households in areas lacking mobile phone network coverage will not be represented.

The initiative consists of two phases: during the first, a baseline survey with household interviews implemented in October – December 2012, 2000 respondents have been asked to become Sauti za Wananchi respondents and received the mobile phone and solar charger. During the second phase, starting February 2013, the respondents will be contacted monthly by a call centre with questions on a diverse range of topics.

Twaweza hopes that the rigorous and high frequency nature of Sauti za Wananchi will provide a powerful new way for citizens to inspire public imagination and to take precedence in the policy decisions of Tanzania and other countries. In addition to monthly reports, Twaweza aims to make the full dataset available online for researchers to conduct their own analyses.

Visit the Sauti za Wananchi microsite to access publications and data.

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