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These are our Kenyan partners.

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Twaweza partner MEDEVA shines at Kenya's Journalism Awards

MEDEVA, one of Twaweza's Kenyan partners, won five awards at the recent Annual Journalism Excellence Awards.

SNV: Scaling up water point mapping

The Dutch NGO SNV is engaged in a water point mapping exercise throughout Kenya, after a pilot was held in Pokot, Northern Kenya in November 2010. The aim is to present a road map towards increased transparency, equity, accountability and sustainability in rural and urban water service provision.

The Catholic Justice & Peace Commission: Election booklet

Twaweza is supporting the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission to develop a new, popular booklet on leadership and integrity that seeks to challenge Kenyans' definition of a good leader ahead of the 2012 General Elections. The booklet, which adopts an incisive story-telling approach with colorfully done professional artwork, will be pitched to stimulate public imagination and debate, and encourage citizen action for accountable leadership in their areas.

Buni Limited: XYZ Show and Africanism 101

Twaweza has partnered with Buni Ltd to produce Season 5 and 6 of XYZ Show, as well as Africanism 101, both cutting edge media innovations that tap into the twin power of research and satire to stimulate public debate through well-presented information and imaginative ideas that stir citizen agency. With a national scope, attainable through reliance on mass media and multiple other channels like mobile telephony, social media, the web and commuter buses, Buni Ltd�s products are designed to reach over 4 million people.

Big Media: Nudging better quality, more creativity

Twaweza's media framework partnerships are an attempt to strengthen media by creating incentives that reward quality and diversity, rather than reproduce input-driven approaches such as training journalists that have had mixed success at best. The Twaweza approach seeks partnerships with large media companies on a win-win basis, at the intersection of the media house and Twaweza interests, so that they are not seen as externally imposed. With each media company, about 12-15 different programs are identified and specific targets are set for improvement of each program (e.g. the nightly news, a weekly interview program, a daily magazine). Targets cover aspects such as ensuring triangulation of sources (e.g. not just reporting what the Minister said, but asking independent experts and citizens), expanding citizen voice and rural coverage, increasing use of evidence and data, and strengthening investigative journalism.

Makutano Junction: Soap for Change

Mediae is an award winning, Kenya-based TV Production Company that specializes in using media to promote development and trigger social change. Its flagship product is the popular TV series Makutano Junction, a soap opera broadcast by Citizen TV and viewable across East Africa through DSTV cable TV. The show informs viewers of their rights and service delivery entitlements through telling compelling stories of how Kenyans negotiate life, love and challenges.

ShujaazFM: Young Kenyans making things happen!

One World Media Award Winner ShujaazFM (Heroes in Sheng) is a nation-wide multi-media project inspiring and motivating millions of young Kenyans to take action to improve their lives and engage with urgent practical issues that shape their future. ShujaazFM was launched by Well Told Story (WTS) in March 2010 after a year of research, design, testing and development.
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7 Articles
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