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Capitation grants in primary schools: a decade since their launch, is money reaching schools?

Capitation grant receipts in schools in just the first quarter of 2013 are reported to be almost equal to the average that was disbursed for the whole year over the previous three years. Between 2010 and 2012, schools received on average TZS 2,202 per pupil per year instead of the proscribed TZS 10,000. But in the first quarter of 2013, schools reportedly received TZS 2,094. While this amount is still less than one quarter of TZS 10,000, it represents a considerable improvement from previous years. If this trend continues we may see a full disbursement of the capitation grant in 2013.

However, parents are unable to follow up on funds as 8 out of 10 parents do not know how much capitation grant should be disbursed each year. Among head teachers, however, knowledge is higher, with more than half (54%) being able to name the correct amount that each school is entitled to per pupil.

These findings were released by Twaweza in a research brief titled Capitation grants in primary education: a decade since their launch, does money reach schools? The brief is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, a nationally representative mobile phone survey of households across mainland Tanzania.

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